Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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3.3. Cross-platform

XML Spy Professional.  XMLSpy™ 2007 by Altova supports development in a wide variety of Web services platforms including Microsoft .Net, J2EE, and Eclipse.  

Stylus Studio.  Stylus Studio™ 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 by DataDirect Technologies utilizes an open Web service framework architecture that fully supports frameworks such as Microsoft SOAP, Microsoft .Net and the open source Web service framework, Apache Axis.  

Liquid XML Data Binder.  Liquid XML Data Binder™ is a multi-platform data binding framework for use with XML Schema. It will generate data objects for C#, VB.NET, JAVA, VB6, and C+. It supports both DTD and W3C XML Schemas. Source code is available for the libraries, allowing for recompiling the base application on almost any platform.   Liquid XML Data Binder is a product of Liquid Technologies.