Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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Appendix A. Resources / References


ebXML Collaborative Protocol Profile and Agreement version 2.0


ebXML Message Service Specification version 2.0.


(Simple) Network Time Protocol


Web Services Security Addendum,” 18 August 2002,

[SOAP 1.1]       

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


Universal Description, Discovery and Integration version 2.04  


UDDI Data Structure Reference version 2.03

UDDI XML Schema version 2  

UDDI Version 3.0, UDDI Spec Technical Committee Specification, 19 July 2002.


Web Services Description Language version 1.1

[WS-I Basic Profile]

WS-I Basic Profile Version 1.0a


Web Services Addressing


Web Service Reliable Messaging Protocol

[WS-Security 2004]



No formal specification. XML Schema definition exists at :

Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and CRL Profile

Speed Web delivery with HTTP compression

Srinivasan, Radhakrishnan.

22 Jul 2003