Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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4.4. Decisions

Reliable Messaging was the highest rated (most important) requirement expressed by members of STAR who participated in the definition of these Guidelines. Delivery assurance is the key feature of a reliable messaging system. STAR Transport committees investigated three leading specifications that provide delivery assurance.

ebMS version 2.0 provides an optional or extended feature known as the Reliable Messaging Module. WS-Reliability is an OASIS draft standard, heavily based on the ebMS Reliable Messaging Module. WS-Reliability is not in consideration by STAR. WS-ReliableMessaging is a draft standard proposed by several large software vendors.

STAR REQUIRES that Web Services transport implementation use WS-ReliableMessaging and that the ebMS transports use the ebMS Reliable Messaging Module.

STAR anticipates that these standards may eventually merge. WS-Reliability is already starting to take into account the newer Web Services standards by assuring that implementations are compliant with WSDL v1.1. The STAR REQUIREMENT for WS-ReliableMessaging takes into account the significant and compelling commitment to this standard from BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Tibco and other software vendors with a large presence in upstream automotive.

4.4.1. Intermediary Issues

The STAR Transport guidelines are not intended to address the special needs of intermediaries. All discussions on Reliable Messaging, Authentication, Network architecture, etc. are intended to be applied to point-to-point architectures. STAR does not preclude the use of Web Services technologies such as ebXML Multi-Hop, but recognizes that there are too many business and technical models for Business Intermediaries to create useful recommendations. Individual parties may have to negotiate details to apply STAR recommendations in intermediary scenarios.

The only exception to this are statements in the STAR Web Services Specification that allow for Intermediaries to Authenticate and Authorize message senders through the use of WS-Security 2004 and SOAP Actor constructs.

4.4.2. Routing Intermediaries

The STAR Transport guidelines can be applied to Routing Intermediaries. In other words, if an intermediary makes absolutely no changes to a message, but simply forwards it, STAR REQUIREMENTS for Reliable Messaging, Authentication, Network Architecture, etc are directly applicable.