Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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7.3. Best Practices

7.3.1. Associate Transport MessageIDs with Business Transactions

STAR REQUIREs that MessageIDs be associated with Transport level, and that these message IDs MUST be globally unique. These Message IDs can be generated by transport level software or by applications that integrate transport functionality as long as the Message IDs are globally unique. See the MessageID Format section for best practice for application generated message IDs.

STAR RECOMMENDS that back-end business applications and or middleware be capable of associating the Transport message IDs to the unique business transaction that created the message and or to business transactions that are created based on the receipt of a message.

7.3.2. Saving Messages for Non-Repudiation

When a business transaction contains a requirement for Non-Repudiation it SHOULD be the responsibility of the concerned trading partner to save the entire message from the Transport layer.