Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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11.5. Decisions

  1. STAR REQUIRES support for an Internet connection and the core Internet messaging standards including HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP and SOAP or SMTP.

  2. STAR RECOMMENDS organizations select one of the Internet connectivity types as defined in the Transport Methods section when connecting to the internet.

  3. STAR RECOMMENDS organizations select Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide the minimum capabilities as defined for their endpoint as defined in the STAR Internet Connectivity Guidelines.

  4. STAR RECOMMENDS the use of static and routable Internet IP addresses which can be referenced by a static fully qualified domain name.

  5. Communication with endpoints that are partially connected or not always available (like dial-up connections) may use URIs, email addresses or even an agreed upon identifier such as DealerID.

  6. STAR RECOMMENDS partially connected endpoints and non addressable endpoints use a polling architecture with reliability as defined in the STAR Web Services Specifications documents or SMTP for ebMS.

  7. STAR RECOMMENDS messaging implementations support:

    1. Synchronous and asynchronous message passing

    2. Solutions that support messaging between two endpoints in both clients initiated as well as bi-directional messaging (where each endpoint can act as either the sender or the receiver)

  8. When sending a BOD between Addressable Hubs or Addressable Endpoints, it is RECOMMENDED they are sent asynchronously over HTTP/S with once-and-only-once/Exactly-Once reliability enabled.