Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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12.2. Requirements

12.2.1. Administration

STAR participants are encouraged to apply the same care and management to endpoint gateways and their related services as they perform for their current application architectures. Existing administration facilities should be extended to allow for the predictable and reliable starting and stopping of endpoint gateways. Data stores that persist messages or maintain configuration parameters should be built on infrastructure that are reliable and allow for recovery after system failure. Data Stores should be backed up on an ongoing basis in a manner that participants would normally apply to critical business data.

12.2.2. Monitoring and Diagnostics

STAR participants are encouraged to develop or extend monitoring and diagnostic tools that can watch and analyze message traffic received and sent through an endpoint gateway. These tools might include such facilities as application level firewalls, network monitors, applications that monitor logs for errors, or event based monitors that listen for errors and warnings raised by the endpoint gateway.

12.2.3. Synchronized System Time and Consistent Timestamps

STAR is requiring consistent and synchronized schemes for management of System Time and Timestamp data elements. This support is beneficial in many ways but more importantly, it provides consistency to ReliableMessaging features and allows for future implementation of trusted timestamps and timestamped digital signatures.

12.2.4. Message Logging

STAR requires transport systems to provide a logging capability and recommends logging all message traffic in a manner that supports activity monitoring including, but not limited to, performance monitoring and security monitoring.

12.2.5. Message Status

STAR Transport strongly recommends that transport systems architectures allow for manual and or automated status requests. In other words, the system should be able to display the status of message based upon the MessageID.