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13.3. STAR Testing Approach

STAR does not conduct or sponsor interoperability testing for the guidelines that are detailed here. However, providing information to STAR members that will reduce the costs of implementation through reuse is a goal of the organization. To that end, the Transport Guidelines team has adopted a self-test conformance testing approach. The key elements of this approach are a set of conformance checklists and a repository of conformance testing results.

Developers of new STAR conformant systems will be able to gauge their implementation against the basic requirements of the STAR Transport Guidelines by working through the STAR Checklists for the appropriate ebXML or Web services standards. The results of these checklists should be voluntarily posted for other STAR members to review. By doing so, other STAR members that desire to interoperate will be able to focus more quickly on potential gaps between the implementations and requirements.

STAR is not equipped to conduct compliance testing, to enforce compliance, or to certify compliance to STAR standards. However, this approach will provide valuable information that will accelerate the development cycle.

13.3.1. STAR Checklists

The STAR checklists are a tool that can be used to assess your implementations of the STAR Transport Guidelines. There are three checklists:

  • The Transport Guidelines checklist captures the general requirements that are applicable to both ebXML and Web services implementations. The requirements are taken from the STAR Transport Guidelines document.

  • The STAR ebMS Guidelines Checklist is a collection of requirements from the STAR ebMS Guidelines document and applies to transport implementations that utilize ebXML Messaging Specification.

  • The STAR Web Services Specification Testing Checklist is a collection of requirements taken from the STAR Web Services Specifications that applies to implementations that use Web services-based products.