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ebMS Implementation Guidelines

eb1.1.0 2011v1

Jason Loeffler, Karmak

Russell Shephard, T-Systems

David Carver, STAR

Table of Contents

I. Preface
I.I. Purpose
I.II. Summary of Changes from EB3.0G001
I.III. Scope
I.IV. Audience
I.V. Background
I.VI. References
1. ebMS Messaging
1.1. ebMS Messaging
1.1.1. ebMS Message Packaging
1.1.2. Message Packaging
1.1.3. Payload Containers
1.1.4. STAR ebMS Guidelines Message Elements
1.1.5. ebMS MessageHeader Elements
2. Implementing the CPA
2.1. Implementing the CPA
2.1.1. Overview
2.1.2. STAR CPA Structure
2.1.3. PartyInfo Section
3. Implementing ebMS Reliable Messaging
3.1. Implementing ebMS Reliable Messaging
3.1.1. ebMS Delivery Assurance Profiles
3.1.2. ebMS Delivery Assurance Features
3.1.3. ebMS Message Integrity
3.1.4. ebMS CPA Configuration and Examples
4. Implementing ebMS Message-Level Security
4.1. Implementing ebMS Message-Level Security
4.1.1. Digitally Signing a STAR ebMS Message  

List of Figures

1.1. ebMS Message Package
2.1. STAR CPA Structure
2.2. Collaboration Role Structure