Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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Chapter 1. Background

Table of Contents

1.1. STAR Organization
1.2. Scope
1.3. The Difference Between Guidelines, Standards and Recommendations
1.4. Overall Requirements
1.5. Message Based Routing

1.1. STAR Organization

An important goal of the STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail) infrastructure project is providing recommendations about the business-to-business communication requirements within the up-stream supply chain in the automotive industry. These recommendations are intended to reduce maintenance and integration costs for supporting dealerships. This document identifies common requirements and measures dealers can take to ensure an effective information technology infrastructure.

The STAR organization is comprised of several Work Groups (WG) that address specific points of interest to the automotive retail IT industry. Most of the work groups are chartered with developing or maintaining the XML Business Object Documents(BOD) or the DTS data formats, but the architecture WG is chartered with finding common architecture and interoperability among STAR members. The architecture WG produces several guidelines:

  • STAR Transport Guidelines - a high level requirements and recommendations document.

    • STAR Web Services Implementation - implementation details for using Web services specifications

    • STAR ebMS Implementation Guidelines - implementation details for using the ebXML Message Services specification

    • STAR Web Services - Quickstart Guidelines - instructions and samples on how to get started developing a STAR Web Service.