Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

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Chapter 6. Performance

Table of Contents

6.1. Background
6.2. Requirements
6.2.1. Benefits of Compression
6.2.2. Issues with Compression
6.3. Discussions
6.3.1. Payload Compressions
6.3.2. gzip Compression
6.3.3. Using Payload Compression
6.3.4. Issues with Payload Compression
6.3.5. Payload Content
6.3.6. HTTP Compression
6.3.7. Issues with HTTP Protocol Compression
6.3.8. Decisions

6.1. Background

A key concern among people implementing the STAR BODs is the efficiency of transferring XML documents over the Internet. As the STAR BOD documents become large, the sizes of the documents cause performance and scalability problems due to the delays in sending large documents across the Internet.

Defining an implementation for compression is problematic given that there are not well established standards detailing how to implement compression for Web Services from OASIS, W3C, or WS-I. Thus, in order to meet the requirement for compression, a STAR convention was created. This section will describe the details of the STAR compression implementation convention.