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1.3. Web Service Interoperability Requirements

In order to ensure that the BOD Specific Web Service and the Generic Transport WSDL can exchange STAR BODs and interoperate, the SOAP Envelope and content must adhere to the same structure. The following items MUST match exactly:

[Important]STAR Level 1 Requirement

STAR1015: STAR BOD Specific and Generic Transports MUST be message level interoperable.

As long as the message produced by the WSDL is the same between both services, the styles can communicate with each other.To help keep these aligned, STAR uses an XSLT Style Sheet to generate the sample STAR Transport 2009 and BOD Specific WSDL templates included with the STAR Schema Repository. If changes are made to the manifest or payload these will automatically appear in both the Generic and the BOD Specific WSDLs.

The WS-I profiles define standards for interoperability that make it easier to ensure that web services and clients can work together across varied platforms and implementations. STAR web services MUST conform to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 for interoperability and include conformance claims in the WSDL. [ConformanceClaim]

[Important]STAR Level 1 Requirement

STAR1001: All web services must be compliant to the rules and specifications outlined by the WS-I Basic Profile.

STAR1002: Appropriate compliance markers are required as specified by the WS-I Conformance Claim Attachment Mechanisms document.